EVENTS 2011-2012-2013

Bagnols sur Cèze, France.
April, and November 2011: workshops with children on non-violent-communication through puppetry. Three intensive days - 6 hours each day. The workshops were organized and financed by the Social Centre “Mosaique sur Céze” in Bagnols sur Cèze (France). Erica Sapir et Nadine Sanna (trainer in N.V.C) led the workshops.

Svolvaer,Lofoten Islands .
26/27 May 2011 Main co-speakers at the ICDP (International Child Development Program) Conference. Title : Using puppets as ICDP ambassadors. Workshops with 40 ICDP educators. Facilitators: Rochi Dan, Erica Sapir

Cipanas, Indonesia.
3/ 17 July 2011 In collaboration with the local YUM institute (organization for noble work): workshops on puppetry for community leaders, volunteers, and children, on the subject of human rights. Facilitator: Erica Sapir

Kinshasa, R.D.Congo.
17/28 August 2011 In the morning, we facilitated cultural and creative activities with children. Workshops on puppetry and art. In the same period in the afternoons, Erica Sapir led a workshop of ten days with a group of 6 local actors and puppeteers which led to a puppet show which is going to be presented by the group to the schools of Kinshasa. The theme of the workshop was hygiene, ecology, corruption…. The workshops were initiated, organized and financed by AWLAD organization (Faustine Sfeir).

Chicago, Ill. USA. February 2012
Art Against Abuse: Engaging Youth to End the Cycle of Violence In honor of Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month, Art Against Abuse was an opportunity for social workers, counselors, and educators interested in developing tools to use various art forms (poetry, puppetry, dance, and visual arts) to engage youth who have experienced violence. This training included workshops facilitated by representatives from community organizations, such as Between Friends, A Long Walk Home, Puppeteers without Borders, and Project NIA. The event took place at the Jane Addams College of Social Work (1040 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607 PUPPETEERS WITHOUT BORDERS – WORKSHOP: Dina J. Kaplan facilitator Session I – Workshop I Therapeutic Puppet Play This workshop aims were to educate attendees interested in incorporating art in their work with youth in a playful way. Exploring the liminal space between education and entertainment using tabletop puppetry, this workshop invited participants to begin ‘within’ conflict situations in ‘dramatic reality’ in order to address a conflict physically and emotionally, but through play. Tabletop puppetry is expressive and fun; it is a lively way to explore stories in a safe space. The method is simple and direct. After theater games, warm ups and exploration of our theme, we built puppets based on the characters that emerge from our fairy tale stories. Small groups presented scenes on a table top. This form encourages communication and collaboration while containing and controlling the drama and conflicts in scale and intensity.

El Salvador Suchitoto.
March 2012 Centro Arte Para La Paz DRAMATIC INTERVENTIONS Facilitated by Dina J. Kaplan In the small village of Suchitoto, on top of a hill, there is a remarkable art center managed by an energetic nun, Peggy O'Neill. The mission of her center is to develop and promote a culture of peace through the arts, creativity, imagination and cultural exchange. This is where I held my workshop DRAMATIC INTERVENTIONS for twelve midwives ranging in ages between 25 to 70 years old. Michelle Oberman was the Spanish translator and she provided the funds for this project. The subject was creative puppetry, with a focus on conflict resolution. To begin we played theater games and participated in trust warm ups. I soon discovered that even without a common language we could communicate very well between us. I divided the group into teams to develop scenes from stories and conflicts in their lives. The technique used to tell these stories was table top puppets. We worked with these domestic scenes throughout the workshop, addressing the content each time from a new angle. This group of wise women shared their stories and counseled each other as we explored the sensitive subject matter in an interactive manner. This is one example of a scenario of domestic abuse: A husband wanted dinner, the wife was in the kitchen, cooking and tired after a long day at the market. After dinner the man wants to be with the woman in the bedroom and she tells him "no, I do not want any more children". He then hits her and rapes her. The next day the husband goes to the priest and the priest tells him "make her obey you!" He comes home and yells at her. The neutral puppet is the perfect option for the role of mediator. We built sock puppets and used these mediator puppets in the heat of the conflict in the domestic scenes .Puppets can challenge any one, even the church (that prohibits contraception). We left feeling that it is possible to deal with difficult topics as a community of women.

Conference : Puppet Power :  « The fearless face of puppetry »
Calgary, (Canada) 9-10 March 2013.

 Dina Kaplan and Rochi Dan were among the main speakers at the conference "The fearless face of puppetry" in Calgary, Canada.
The conference was highly successful and the workshops as well received enthousiastic feedbacks. The workshop was for educators and social workers, the subject was sexual education, the technique used was tabel-top small puppets, and the story board was a free interpretation of the fable "Red Riding Hood".



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