Puppeteers Without Borders
An international organization promoting growth, change and conflict-resolution through puppetry

The vision of Puppeteers Without Borders is to empower communities around the world to confront difficult issues through the magical art of Puppetry.

We create training modules in health education, Family planning, HIV/AIDS, Hospital environment, Non-Violent-Communication, Environmental topics, Cultural diversity and Human Rights.

Outreach training:
We train professionals to apply puppetry in their specific work environment to address difficult issues. We collaborate with medical doctors and educators to widen the scope of their work and ours.

Our target training is with, but not limited to, the following professionals:

  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Community health workers
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers

Why Puppetry?

The puppet dares to tell all. It can be rude, outspoken, truthful and humorous. Through puppetry we can reach
the outrageous, absurd and impossible. As an ancient mode of communication puppetry still holds immense potential to encourage creativity and self expression
to emerge. Working on the edge between entertainment and education, puppets can both teach and persuade. They are just waiting to be used to help communities grow and change.

Aims of education through puppetry:

  • To question existing patterns of behavior and find new ways of dealing with them.
  • To model and reframe existing social realities.
  • To create a climate for discussion and dialogue.
  • To empower teachers and community workers in creating their own local puppetry in education programs



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