We strive to help people realize their full potential in communities where their development or well-being may be limited by certain beliefs. While respecting the local culture in its positive aspects, we provide a playful and fun environment in which such beliefs can be questioned and re-evaluated.

Our workshops are tailored according to the specific needs and requests of the hosting organization. Rather than imposing our western ethics with ready- made performances, we work with local educators, caregivers and community leaders to enrich their spectrum of teaching techniques with creative tools. One of the most important outcomes of our workshops is the acquired ability of participants to see problems in a different light. The way to different solutions becomes then a natural result of the creative process.


Jerusalem, Israel

  • Workshop for young community leaders from Ecuador on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, sponsored by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The workshop was facilitated jointly by the gynecologist Dr. Avigail Maayani, and the puppeteer Rochi Dan. The young persons were given medical information on HIV/AIDS, and some theater demonstrations, and learned how to create puppets and short puppets shows. Their shows, presented to the whole group, expressed theatrically the dilemmas, fears, stigmas, taboos, superstitions and coping mechanisms present in their society.

  • Workshop for Drama Therapists.

Dina Kaplan facilitated the workshop.

This experiential workshop began with an introduction to
Puppetry. The nature of different materials and their use was explored. Each participant created their own puppet characters and short scenarios. Participants investigated the way a simple 'me' puppet can be built, developed and interviewed at the end of a session. They were then able to integrate the therapeutic process with the process of puppet making.

Nairobi, Kenya

  • Puppet therapy in the hospital

A one week intensive workshop for a group of nurses,puppeteers and teachers, on the use of puppets in the hospital: the puppet as a mediator, techniques for individual work with bedridden children ,preparation for invasive procedures, etc.

A collaboration of The Family Program Promotion Services (FPPS), Community Health Awareness Puppeteers (CHAPS) and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The workshop was facilitated by Rochi Dan and Daniela Hadasy and took place in Kenyatta hospital in Nairobi.

Bagnols sur Cèze, France

  • Workshops with children in disadvantaged communities on Non-Violent-Communication through Puppetry. Program funded by the association “Mosaic sur Cèze” Facilitated by Erica Sapir and Nadine Sanna

  • Workshop for teachers on the use of puppets in the class, for solving conflicts in a non-violent mode.The workshop has been sponsored by the organization « Archipel des Utopies ».Led the workshop : Erica Sapir and Nadine Sanna (NVC Trainer)

Addiss Ababa, Ethiopia

  • "The black lion hospital"-Workshop for doctors in the pediatric ward .

  • "Salam children village"-workshop for teachers and performance for the children

  • "The International School"-workshop for teachers

  • "The College for nursing and pharmacology"-workshop for students

  • "The psychiatric hospital"-workshop for the therapists


Brisbane, Australia.

Workshop at the Milperra School for children refugees from war-torn countries, and their teachers. Invitation from the Queensland government and the Multicultural Brisbane festival organization

Jerusalem, Israel.

Workshop organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Israel for educators and health workers from African countries on the subject of HIV/AIDS prevention
Training social workers of the Ethiopian Community on the subject of HIV/AIDS and family planning
Collaboration with the Holocaust Museum to create theater projects and educational programs.

Mostar, Bosnia

Workshop for teachers, on using puppets in Non-Violent-Communication.

Arco, Italy

Workshop for teachers in using puppets in Non-Violent-Communication

Calcutta, India

Work with a local organization for street children.

Nairobi, Kenya

Workshops with local puppeteers and health workers, on using puppets to raise awareness on issues related to HIV/AIDS and family planning.

South Africa

Puppetry workshops to AREPP ( Theatre for life ) performers



teachers at Salam Village, Addis Abeba

young community leaders from Equador

Kenyatta Hospital, Kenya

Kenyatta Hospital

Kenian puppeteer, Kenyatta Hospital

Workshop for doctors in the pediatric department in Black Lion hospital in Adiss Abeba

workshop for teachers on NVC in France

workshop for children,on NVC, France

Dina at Mexico AIDS conference

demo on NVC with teachers in Mostar, Bosnia

workshop with teachers in Mostar, Bosnia

Workshop for teachers at Milperra school, Brisbane

Milpera school, Brisbane

demo at AIDS Conference in Mexico City

Rochi and Dina in Masai village,Kenya

Puppets-against-aids - South Africa
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